Sunday, October 20, 2013

My new addiction: Pressed Juicery

Within the last few months I was introduced to the Pressed Juicery name. I was living in Upstate New York up until a few weeks ago and there really was no way to get it. At least, I didn't want to chance it going bad by the time it got to me. I wanted all of its yummy goodness :). My friend in California was going to send it to me, but it was suggested she didn't, since it only is good for 3 days.

This is amazing, raw, un-pasteruized and no added anything! It is like drinking a little bit of Heaven in every bottle. I will eventually try every one. In fact, i am about to buy myself a gift card for future purchases.

Now I live in Las Vegas. I ordered my own personalized 6 pack of juices, which I will have the last of today.

Because I am now addicted, I decided to try their 1 Day Cleanse.
This includes:
Chocolate Almond
Greens 2

Roots 2

Citrus 2

Greens 3

Vanilla Almond

All of this yummy raw goodness should be arriving at my doorstep this week! I will be sure to come back and tell you my experience. I have never done a cleanse before, so this should prove interesting.

You can also order their Aloe and Chlorophyll waters to aid in your cleanse.

Here is a picture of their full menu. I wonder what it would take to get them to come to Las Vegas :) I would be happy to run a store!! I have retail and management experience. And this would fare VERY well here!

Check them out on the Internet!:

Click HERE for their physical locations as well.

Before you order from Pressed Juicery, remember they are unpasteurized/raw and that may cause issues with children, elderly and those with immune issues


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