Friday, October 18, 2013

Ok so it took a while to get here!

We left on October 5th for our journey across the country. We loved seeing all the sights of different states as we drove through them. I would have loved to have seen the friends I know along the way, but there was not enough time :(.

I have to say though, that Nebraska, though beautiful, is very flat and kind of boring to drive through. :/

Everything was going amazingly well, until we hit Denver.

The minute we hit Denver, the UHaul broke down. So, we spent a little more time than we thought we would there. But, at least the scenery was beautiful!!

We finally got to Las Vegas on October 10th. And I have to say, the glitch in the road was worth the end result!

We love it here! Though, I will try to avoid the Strip like the plague, unless there is something there worth blogging about. (The upcoming Life is Beautiful Festival maybe?)

I do have some other things I want to blog about :D I will have to get those out of drat and into the world!

Thanks for taking a look :D


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